Monday, October 15, 2007

The bookend of Friday to Sunday

This weekend I laid low. Watched some good bad tv, Entourage on DVD.

Mostly, I did this because I was sick. Getting over something, I am still not sure what I had, but I was just feeling tired and run down. My energy wasn't what it has been.

It worked out ok, since I was also broke. But it was also nice to be quiet and not be running all over the place, like I normally do all weekend.

So, the laundry pile is shrinking to a reasonable amount, I baked homemade low fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I found this lotion that I love which means on any given day, I'm gonna to smell like dessert. Which keeps me from eating it, so hey whatever works.

Had to postpone a visit with my dear friend K, but I think the rest did me good. And I'd rather see her when I'm feeling good, not like I'd rather be napping.

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