Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

Tonight I start my comedy writing class through Second City Detroit which is of course in Novi. But then the Detroit Zoo is about a mile from me in Royal Oak.

Detroit is kind of something you say, but don't really mean.

Like the following phrases:

1. Let's just be friends.
2. No, really it's not you.
3. Yes, I love this meat-loaf cabbage casserole with melted Velveeta.
4. Sure, I'd be happy to help out on that project.
5. Wow. I can't tell this tofurkey isn't real turkey.
6. That new haircut really accents your face structure.
7. I'm going to start volunteering.
8. It's time to start walking/biking to work.
9. I love to recycle.
10.I can't wait to see that new historical epic movie at the art-house theater.


ColleenQ said...

Another stretch? Flying to Detroit Metro Airport in ROMULUS...

Barrie said...

You should try seitan. It's fake meat that really truly takes like meat. So damn crazy. They probably have it at your Whole Foods...

Random comment I know, but I saw the tofurkey thing and thought of it.