Monday, July 30, 2007


30 years of bull-shit
and I'm still here.
Chasing a dream where writing is money
I'm relative
to an audience.
Imagining my personal thoughts become important.
But will I appreciate it?
Or will I still be stressed,
that my pants are pulled too tight across my thighs?
No matter how many times I tell myself it doesn't matter,
it does.
Skinny won't fundamentally change me
but looking in the mirror
will hurt less.
You can't blame the shallow,
they have nothing else.
The rest of us,
get to be the smart girl,
not dancing on Friday night
because she's typing at her computer
dreaming about tiny dresses.


Anonymous said...

wow - this is really powerful. Great use of language/imagery here.

Anonymous said...

I dream about tiny designer dresses. How shallow is that?