Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Kick in the Head

Maybe that will get my headache to leave. I' ve had a headache off and on for a few days, and it's back.

Stupid constricted blood vessels...
Amy had me over for dinner last night. We had orange pancakes with orange segments on top, and man were they good.

Nope...It's still here.

How about this? I've made an appointment for my taxes to be done next Saturday. It's the one time, I'd rather pay somebody then have to do math, when done incorrectly may cause infliction by the IRS.
So, I'll pay somebody who understands accounting. I took accounting 1 and 2 and nodded along as if FIFO, and LIFO made sense or that I cared if my balance sheet was exactly balanced. I just don't. A penny off? Who cares?

Math people care, and I love them...I'm just not one of them.
The only reason that I passed accounting was because my Aunt Carol was my tutor, and she was amazing. Not only was she excellent at math, she always made me some tasty homemade dinner too. And one night, she even came and got me when I'd run out of gas.

Thankfully, my job requires no such math skills.
If my high school math teacher could see me now, I'd give him the big bird.

Because as I suspected:

Writing + Concepting = Copywriting

See any math?


I don't miss story problems.

But now I may never know who will get to the next train stop first if they left at the same time but on different trains.
Will it be Ramon or Robert?

I say take a plane. It's quicker.

Problem solved.

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Barrie said...

i'm always confused as to why everyone isn't efiling. i just filed my taxes in about 20 minutes and i didn't do any math at all. and i get my return in a week. it's like the easiest thing ever and at most costs you 60 bucks.