Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If I Only Had A Ski Mask

I started a new job a few weeks back.

That was good news. Until pay day. You see, my direct deposit hadn't kicked in yet, so I had to use an ATM after hours.

And unknown to me, my money is being held hostage against its and my will.

I'd wrestle it free if I could, but alas don't own a ski mask...

So bring those late fees and other misc. bank charges.

I've learned my lesson.

In other news, oh wait. I've got no other news.

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Mr. Blonde said...

Those lessons have a way of sneaking up and biting you in the ass. I remember last year I was in dept, and had some stocks (through work)... so I sold them... was getting $3000 back!! Well... in Canadian funds so I guess it's not that much LOL.

So anyways... I walk over to my bank with the check... my smile was almost making it's way around my head it was so big. Go up to the teller... "Yes, I'd like to deposit this in my account please."

She looks at the check. I'm in Canada remember that.. "Oh... this is a bank we don't usually deal with... it's from a US bank also... I'm afraid there will be a bit of a hold on it before you can get your money."

I think ah nuts... so I'll have to wait a week... but at least I won't be broke next week. "So... 5 business days?"

The teller had an awfull look on her face. "No... I'm afraid it'll be 25 days... 25 business days that is."

That lesson sucked.

Have a good weekend :)

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