Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night I was in a bad mood. Blame it on the cold or the fact that it's winter. Or Monday. I don't know why.

But I had planned to scrub the bathroom and or clean out the refrigerator. None of these things happened. I took a bath instead, and watched some bad tv. I was supposed to have Scrubs season 2 in the mail from my friends at Netflix. But it didn't come, so I did something I never do.

I turned on the Bachelor and that's why I've got the WTF in the title, because really. C'mon. Last night was a 2 hour special where the girls bring the Tool to meet their parents, and it was like watching a puppy getting eaten by a Wolf with a bloody mouth.

The first girl, Monnayanh or something she was so in love...apparently that she subjected the guy to this horrible grilling by her bitchy family. It was absurd. All of it.

I couldn't watch anymore and turned it off, and instead went to read, a crappy celebrity magazine because they make me feel better. They're so lacking in substance, it's like a nice cotton candy cloud for my brain.

People stop watching the Bachelor and they will stop producing it.

Please. No more cheesy men. No more crying women, convinced they've found the love of their lives in a few short weeks, and on national tv.

C'mon now.


Mr. Blonde said...

I have to endure hearing people talk about the bachelor the next morning every week... and the thing I don't understand is the people watching it complain about how idiotic the women on the show act... which makes me ask "WHY ARE YOU WATCHING?"... I never get a good answer...

Barrie said...

I loved it for 2 reasons:

1. When the moron Bachelor said that he knows what he believes in to the "bitch family" and then the "bitch father" asked him what that was exactly. Of course the Bachelor didn't have an answer, which proves that he's just as much of a moron as the girls.

2. The conversation he had with the Tennessee chicks father was classic. They talked about steak for like 5 minutes. How awkward!

And he wonders why he's single?

p.s. I love that you're blogging again!!!