Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Walk of Shame

For the second time in a matter of days, I woke up in a strange place and walked out to my car where the same clothes I'd had on the night before.

Sunday night, my furnace had gone out. I huddled down in my bed, and waited it out. But I woke up on Monday feeling like I was on the brink of getting sick.

So, last night, I spent the night at Barrie's place in Ferndale. They have this groovy 3rd bedroom and I was warm and cozy all night, and the room was the perfect amount of darkness. With just a glow from the computer as a night light.

And Barrie fed me meatloaf and squash, and I brought wine, as I figured it helps most situations get better.

Barrie had to leave, so that's when her nice roommate Steve came home. He let me have the remote control, and we watched an excellent episode of South Park.

So, thank you Barrie.

You Rock.

1 comment:

Barrie said...

anything for my friend with the crazy sock addiction. i say we have slumber parties all week, because a)i might leave your blessid state and b)come next week i might be m.i.a for awhile. teehee!