Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Kind of Town

"My baby takes the morning train."

That's right. Tomorrow morning, Nevada and I are boarding a train to Chicago to see Rina. Drinking, laughing, shopping and eating shall commence.

Can't wait. I love trips with good friends, where the only thing on the agenda is to enjoy one self.

These women have been here for me through some messy life things. My dad's cancer, my skin cancer, day in and day out at an ad agency antics, and everything in between.

"Some people come into your lives and quickly go. Others come into your life, leave foot prints on your heart and you are never ever the same.

Looking forward to a few days with people who make sure I'm doing ok and always have my best interest at heart, and mine in theirs.

Wow! This is sappy. :)

Happy Weekend.

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