Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cut and Paste

In my attempt to get back to my writing, I spent most of the afternoon staring at a story that I've decided to revise since it's the subject matter is a little lighter than some of the others. But all I managed to do all afternoon, was move the order of the story around.

I can tell there are some structural issues. Other than that, I'm stuck. I'll just keep plugging away today though, as that's really the only choice I have if I actually want to make any progress to speak of. You know you're stuck, when you spend hours just cutting and pasting. If I want to look at this from an optimistic viewpoint, at least I could tell I needed to move things around. That's something, right?

Other ways that I'm feeding my soul....leaving town with Connie up to my mom's for a few days of nothing but beach, sand, drinks, books and deck time.

I'm ready.

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