Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm Not Green

I must admit. I'm not a tree hugger. I don't save wales. Or kittens. And the real horror, I do not recycle. Does that mean I'm a horrible selfish person?

I don't think so.

I just didn't get into that facet of society.

I don't litter. I've volunteered at an animal rescue shelter for a summer. I taught people to read who didn't know how. The thing is everybody has a passion about something.


jnuts said...

Kelly: I don't know you and I hesitate to even leave a comment, however, you said something that struck a chord with me, and I feel I have to leave some sort of reply.

In reference to "saving kittens," I'm not sure if that is aimed at your cousin Colleen, but if it is, let it be known that there should be more people like her. It takes a "real" person to put personal finances aside and take in animals that have no voice. I know, because I'm one of those people. Colleen and I ask for no help and no sympathy, it is what we do. without thought or question as to how we'll manage. And if there were more people who actually cared about "kittens" or whales, or baby seals, or animals used in the fur trade and their welfare, this world would be a far better place than it is now.

To my own mind, it's not enough to just live a good, clean life, i.e. picking up litter, or not cursing, or being polite etc. It is about getting out there and making a difference. Your cousin does that in so many ways. A woman among women. Truly.

I think it's great that you've taught someone to read and volunteered "once" at an animal shelter, but that's hardly enough to put you in the same league as your cousin.

It's not easy being green, but it's worth it.

Kelly said...

Dear Just Jock,

I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading my blog.

You should know however that when I said that I don't save kittens, that in no way means that I don't respect the people that do.

I know that it takes a big hearted person to do something like that. I admire my cousin Colleen's commitment to animals, and for lots of other reasons as well.

I wrote the whole blog, as a tongue in cheek thing in reference to something I was working on at work.

And as for if I care about things, I care about a lot of things. Mostly, I'm concerned about my dad. He has lung cancer. I spent a lot time,taking care of him and trying to spend time with him, while we have the chance.

I volunteered a whole summer at the animal shelter, and I never assumed that I was in any league with anyone.

I do what I can, and right now that involves taking care of my dad and my immediate family.

I think it's admirable for people who go beyond what is asked to make a difference. All I was saying is that people do in that a lot of ways.

Barrie said...

a) i loved how "just jock" put words like "real" and "save kittens" in parthesthesis as if you weren't doing those things.

b) don't you hate these almighty folks telling you you aren't the person you know you are?

c) fuck off just jock. if you don't know kelly, then what's with the judgements? oops, unless you're completely lame and have nothing else better to do than leave annoying comments on people's blogs and oh yeah, "save the universe"

i'm not saying colleen is a good or bad person. or that this just jock person is either. but when did saving kittens or hugging trees make you good? if that makes you feel good, then it's good. but it doesn't make you a good person in society. what if you hugged trees but also raped babies?

basically, what i'm saying here is: kelly, don't fret. you know who you are. just jock can go suck it.

jnuts said...

Kelly: I stopped by to apologize, as my comment to you was made on a day I buried the 4th of five kittens lost in less than a week to a viral disease. I'm afraid that put me in a rather unctuous mood.

Yes, I know we all have different passions. I'm sorry for speaking out of turn.

Barrie: Feel free to eat shit and bark at the moon. And, as a matter of fact, I DO suck it. Quite well, thank you.

Kelly said...

Just Jock,

I'm sorry to hear about your kittens.

That is horrible. Anytime any one suffers, it is awful.

I hope the other kitten stays healthy.


Barrie said...

woof woof! hahahahaha

ColleenQ said...

I'm not trying to say I'm a good person, or a bad person, but...I do a wonderful impression of George Harrison ;)

This isn't exactly in reference to your entry, Kelly, but something that does actually make me quite sad in younger people (I'm old now, I can say this) is apathy, whether it be about politics, or recycling, or saving whatever.

Find your passion and make it your own.