Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mad Men

I love Mad Men. I first started watching this show on Netflix. About half way through the first disc, I knew I had something special and I bought the whole series.

And it was well-worth it. Fascinating to see the origins of the professions in advertising, the complete un-pc world brought to life with meticulous detail. It's truly spectacular.

Don Draper, the Creative Director. Peggy his secretary who dared to push out of that role to become, gasp, a woman copywriter. The scandal.

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to order cable tv because of the whole digital tv cross-over and for the first time in three years, I'll have cable again. But at least I'll also have Mad Men.


Anonymous said...

I know! We love love love it! Although I cringe at the blatant sexism, racism and any other isms. But it's like our new West Wing. It ends and we moan, "It's over already?"

Kelly said...

Hi Kim,

I know what you mean. And I was late to the West Wing. I started watching it on Netflix, and love that show too. It's great. There is simply not enough smart television.

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with Dan Draper it's disgusting. I would totally marry him and ignore the affairs. Okay, maybe not, but I am totally into this show too!