Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend in a nutshell:


Went to the Milford Memories Festival with Connie. To call it a festival is a stretch really. It's Milford's Main street closed off with art and food booths. But it's a tradition. We enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday I felt like a yuppie poser in training. Got up early. Walked to the Farmers Market with my eco-friendly recycable bag and bought fresh fruits and veggies. Came home, had breakfast and got ready to get my hair cut.

Way to much money later, I've got cute short hair again. Hooray! Then headed off to do a little shopping. I was hunting for part of Shane's birthday gift, but couldn't find what I was looking for. So, I ended up with a new dress for me. Funny how that worked. But it was on sale for $15.00.

By then, the shopping rush was on me and at the next stop, I found a matching purse. Bonus. The whole outfit was $35.00.

After that it was home for dinner. A short visit with Nevada ensued and then I decided to put in Rescue Dawn because I'd had it for a while.

It was too depressing for me. I know it must end ok because the guy lives, but all I could think about was my dad. And how scary and fucked up it must have felt being in the Vietnam War. This wasn't entertainment anymore, so I turned it off.

Yesterday, I actually managed to clean my house. Cleaned under my bathroom cabinet, throwing away old beauty products, not too many, and washed all of my laundry.

Oh and in between this, read a few stories in my new Sedaris book and finished, 10 Big Ones by Janet Evanovich. It was a quick fun perfect summer read. I started the next one in the series last night, because I just wanted a little more of the insanity that is Stephanie Plum.

I find two in a row of those are enough and it's best to come back later. Otherwise, the stories all run together. But I'm loving them all over again.

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