Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday Re-Cap

Contrary to my Gemini nature, I have to make this brief.

Monday was a milestone birthday and I'm happy to say I passed it with very little trauma. Mostly because of all the support, friendship and love from my friends and family.

My day:

Slept in till 8am.

Realized I had no coffee cream or Splenda so I threw on some clothes and ran to the local grocery. Also picked up fresh blueberries for my grape nuts that I promptly ate upon my return home.

After that I watched an episode of 90210 Season 4 from Netflix. Awesomeness.
And enjoyed some bonding time with my sofa.

Nevada showed up with a gift and champagne and OJ. We had a birthday toast, drank Mimosa's and chatted. We walked up to the nail salon to get pedicures. I had my first pedicure by a man. A little strange but ok.

Walked back to my house and headed out to go shopping. I'm in love with Ann Taylor Loft. They are like Banana Republic. Good quality clothes that are classic and will look good next year.

Here a miracle happened. I bought a two piece swimsuit, a tankini type with a halter style neckline. Shows off just the right amount of cleavage.

Came back to my house where we promptly inhaled our lunch of cheese-sticks and roast beef sandwiches. (Birthdays are calorie free)

Nevada had to get going after lunch and I attempted to do a little cleaning, which really turned into more lounging on my part.

Time to get ready for dinner. Spruced myself up, and donned my new dress with the little hummingbirds all over it, and my new sparkly sandals. WHOO HOO.

Meanwhile, fielding phone calls and messages from folks full of good cheer for me.

Rachel picked me up at 6:45 and we headed out for my birthday dinner at O'Mara's.

A nice Irish and family friendly restaurant. I was met by Connie and Lisa. Amy, and Becky joined us a few moments later.

Lots of laughing, wine and good food followed. Including an incident where we accidently forced our bus boy to pause and become our photographer.

And of course I had to finish the evening off with a piece of homemade carrot cake.

Nice gifts to boot, but more importantly, I was surrounded by smart, funny and warm hearted friends on my birthday.

Thank you. I love you all.


Stephanie said...

My boyfriend Ryan has the same bday as you (which I know from you Facebook) and I am assuming the same year, since this year was a milestone for him as well.

Dress with hummingbirds...sounds cool, I want to see it!

Sounds like a perfect day.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss your birthday? Happy Belated - I'm so glad you had such an amazing day. I hope this upcoming year brings you everything you desire - you deserve it.