Tuesday, June 03, 2008

D Day

David Sedaris's new book came out today. I've been stalking this release for months. It was snowy and cold and I thought, just wait. One day, it'll be almost summer and you'll be reading David's new book. You like how I say David as if we're friends?

I read everything he writes and have actually met him at a reading, so in a way I do feel like we're friends. We had a brief conversation about his new computer and why you can't eat Cheetos while using it,and about his dad.

In my opinion a good writer makes you feel welcome. Lets you into their world and invites you to take a seat. And he does.

His new book is titled, Engulfed in Flames. I can't wait to start reading.

He's one of a handful of writers that I'll actually spend the money to buy the hard back copy on day its released into the book wild. And it was technically free, since I was using up a gift card from Christmas.

And since I had a few dollars left over, I bought myself a 4 piece box of Godiva chocolate. A good read always tastes better with a snack.

As long as the snack isn't in the ETO family:


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Audrey said...

How about a Margarit-o?