Monday, June 09, 2008


Scenario: Fancy shopping mall in Troy inside Macy's.

Me: Walking to the bathroom. Near the Men's Department.

There is a handsome and nicely dressed man holding hands with a beautiful blond child wearing a sundress.

Enter a beautifully blond woman in a sundress. She starts moving quickly in her strappy heeled sandals while crouching down and talking to the child:

"It's Mommy. Mommy's here honey."

Cut to Handsome husband looking at his wife adoringly and saying:
"Hello Sweetheart."

He then kisses her while their pretty daughter smiles on.

And at that moment I was overcome with an equal mix of awe, sadness, joy and wonder.

I want to be some body's sweetheart.

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Audrey said...

And then they went home and he farted, belched, scratched his balls, peed on the toilet seat, and sat on the couch playing video games while she cleaned the house and listened to the pretty daughter whine about wanting more candy.

Okay, so that's a bit extreme, but there's no such thing as picture perfect. If you luck out, you'll find someone that can be a good enough friend that you're willing to overlook all of each other's incredibly annoying habits.