Monday, June 02, 2008

Table for One

I need work friends. I used to have some. But between company lay-offs and people leaving on their own accord, I find myself alone. In an office full of people. But you understand what I mean. No friends to come in and chat with about the weekend.

True, I got a few casual friends, but we haven't broken out much past the polite and into the real.

Consequently, this makes me shop or wander around during my lunch break. I can't think of anything more depressing than sitting in here alone on a beautiful sunny day, perched in front of my computer.

In some ways it's nice. I tend to get my errands done during the day now leaving me time at night to meet a friend for dinner or go for a long walk.

The funny thing is, I used to enjoy my solitary lunches. They were a nice escape from the chaos. And I'm one of those people who genuinely enjoys my own company. But, it's nice to share a sandwich now and then, don't you think?

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Audrey said...

I need work friends, too. My lack of a job makes that even more difficult to accomplish.