Sunday, June 01, 2008

SEX and The City

Readers who haven't seen the movie yet, may wish to stop reading now.

As a loyal SCTC watcher, I was pleased with the movie. I can't imagine the immense pressure the whole movie was under and part of the reason I wanted to see it as soon as possible after its release was so I wouldn't get caught up in the swells of the hype.

Both me and the movie succeeded. There were hot men, hot shoes, and clothes to be sure. But for me, the show and the movie have always at its heart been about friendship between women.

That to me was the true love story. Friends that have been there for every major milestone in your life but also are so involved in your daily life, you can discuss mundane things like which shampoo works best or what you might make for dinner.

And as the four women move throughout their lives, there's no doubt that they'll always be there for each other.

Strong women need other women. I don't think it makes them weak to admit such things.

Bad days get better when you've got a friend's shoulder to cry on, and happy news is best shared.

To all my friends, single and married:

thank you for helping me live this life, for believing the best of me, for encouraging me, for listening, and for always showing up.


Kim Haas said...

I loved it too! One of the best scenes was when Samantha spoon fed Carrie yogurt in bed.. .now that's a true friend.

Barrie said...

as you might have imagined, coming from me, i had mixed feelings on this movie. sometimes i laughed at the emotional scenes, and i really enjoyed the show. sure, i got a little teary eyed but no actual tears. and the fact that none of the guys had real roles and that there weren't any real sex questions or fun put a damper on my movie watching experience.

that's not to say i wouldn't watch it over and over again, if there happened to be some tbs marathon...